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True Story... - You Know What This Is...It's A Celebration Bitches [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cooper Black

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True Story... [Nov. 6th, 2008|06:07 pm]
Cooper Black
[feeling |embarrassedembarrassed]
[audio |Blood On The Motorway-DJ Shadow-The Private Press]

I've been working on a project for work that involves sourcing "stimulating content" for the TV screens we sell inside F.Y.E., Journey's and Coffee Bean stores. Basically we are looking for TV/Movie/Music companies that want to advertise in these stores by showing clips or packages of their films, shows and artists. One of our prospective partners is a company called Endemol. You might recognize the name if you watch any bad (and by bad I mean good) reality shows here in the US such as Big Brother, Extreme Makeover, Fear Factor, Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love NY, Charm School, etc.

Endemol is based in the UK so when I began to check out their programming reel for UK TV I figured it would much more high brow than the stuff we have in the states. Surely you wouldn't see people eating pig vagina or shitting on the floor on their airwaves.

Wow was I wrong...the following are some of Endemol UK's highest rated reality shows...

8 Out of 10 Cats
Balls of Gold
Can Fat Teens Hunt?
Celebs On Welfare
Celebrity Daycare Contest
Conveyor Belt of Love
Help! My Dog Is As Fat As I Am!
My Secret Body
Adventures of Primordial Dwarves
Sex Lives of Twins
Stars On Horseback
Who's Got The Longest?

Apparently we've all been missing out...

[User Picture]From: michaelpop
2008-11-07 05:32 pm (UTC)
I totally thought you were making those up until I Googled them. We are TOTALLY missing out!
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